In the early 1970s, the once common police box started to be phased out from the streets of Britain, but has now been immortalised by the television programme Doctor Who. Perhaps surprisingly, model police boxes were few and far between for many years, with the possibly only exception being a Dinky model.

A couple of Doctor Who style police boxes have survived, and can be seen at the Avoncroft Museum of Historical Buildings, at the Crich Tramway Village, and on the streets of Glasgow.

I started collecting model police boxes and related items in the early 1980's, and my collection now numbers over 70 different models, many of which are catalogued on this Web site. The models are presented in the categories shown on the site menu to the left, so please select a link. Bear in mind, however, that each page has several images and may take a short while to download.

I am always on the lookout for additions to my collection, so if you have a police box for sale (rare and one-of-a-kind models preferred), please email me.

Immanuel Burton.

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