This one-off fibreglass model was made by John Holland, a professional prop builder, and was bought in late 2000. It stands 9" high, and is one my favourite models. As far as I know, it was built for no reason other than for the pleasure of doing so.

This model is hand-made from balsa wood, and was bought from the Who Shop in the 1990's. It is quite possibly a built example of a police box kit marketed by the American Doctor Who Appreciation Society. Needless to say, it is quite fragile.

Produced in a limited edition of only 100, this model has been fashioned out of a piece of coal. It most probably has some sort of clear coating as it doesn't have the feel or smell of coal. This one that I have is number 16, and was bought on Tom Baker's Web site.

This hand-made diorama was produced in a limited edition by Product Enterprises. It depicts the first Doctor, Susan and the TARDIS in the junkyard of Mr I M Foreman, 76 Totter's Lane, in the very first Doctor Who story An Unearthly Child.

This is a salt-and-pepper pot set that I made out of a pair of Dinky police boxes. After removing the paint and drilling holes in the roof, I had the models chrome-plated. Someone I know who works in a mechanical workshop very kindly made the base plugs. I made this cruet set essentially for ornamental purposes - if you decide to make a set yourself then thought must be given as to the food-safety of using what are probably lead or lead-based containers.

Although these two models were purchased several years apart, they were both won as eBay auctions. They are made out of wool, and the model on the right has been made round a plastic framework so that the finished product has some rigidity. The top is removable, and so serves as a lid. The model on the left is less rigid, but its doors open and the roof is in the form of a flap that is hinged at the back.